Kash Out and Go Home

Now he’s written what amounts to Pro-Trump propaganda for children.

The only reason Kash Patel even popped up on my radar was that I read this article about a gift one very deluded grandmother gave one of her grandchildren for Christmas. The book, which amounts to Pro-Trump propaganda for children, is creepy at best. (You can peek inside its sick-making pages on the Amazon site here.)

Patel’s book, which I refuse to name, is an adaptation of Dinesh D’Souza’s debunked conspiracy theory film 2000 Mules, about alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election. (You can read about how easily this film is debunked here.)

On the cover of the book, Trump is portrayed as a king, Hillary Clinton is made out to be an evil, scowling queen, and the author himself is standing behind the king, dressed as a magician, and waving a magic wand. That’s all you need to know to realize that this guy has a massive ego. But oh, it gets worse.

In the aforementioned peek inside feature on Amazon, the first 4 pages of this f****d up fairytale are about Patel himself. He calls himself “Kash the Distinguished Discoverer” and claims that he was known far and wide as “the one person who could discover anything about anything.” He alludes to the Russian’s being innocent of all wrongdoings with regard to Trump’s election, and then even more of Kash’s heroic exploits are touted, until finally the “king” is trotted out. Patel then goes on to tell the children who have the misfortune of reading this book that King Donald would “Make the Kingdom Great Again.”

He’ll be more than happy to sign the book for you, using a QAnon slogan. He also still believes the election was stolen. You’ll excuse me while I rinse the stomach acid from my mouth.

So who is this guy? Actually, Kash Patel is enough of a heavy hitter in the Trump-iverse that I should have known of him. But during that presidential debacle, there were so many scandals, lies, and dirty-dealings that perhaps I can be forgiven for not being able to keep up to speed on all of them.

On his Wikipedia Page, you get some of the broad strokes of this man’s strange political history. But basically, he’s the guy who claims that Trump declassified all of those classified documents lying around in Mar A Lago, simply by saying so. He himself had access to them. He’s the guy who worked the hardest to discredit the FBI and DOJ officials investigating Russia’s election interference for Trump. He’s the guy Trump wanted to install as either FBI or CIA director, but couldn’t, because it would have sparked organization-wide walkouts. He’s the guy that Trump thought was an expert on Ukraine, despite his total lack of experience or knowledge on the subject, and he’s the guy that convinced Trump that Ukraine was corrupt.

Nowadays, not only his he an author of questionable renown, but he has a website called “fight with kash” where you can buy obscenely overpriced merch, such as an unattractive $85.00 jacket with a “Don’t Tread on Me” logo. Proceeds to support the “Kash Patel Legal Offense Trust” with zero explanation as to what that organization stands for.

I think Mr. Patel is trying to turn himself into the next Rush Limbaugh. He has a vlog called Kash’s Corner where he spends a lot of time explaining that he’s persecuted by the current administration, and attacks the FBI, DOJ, and President Biden every chance he gets. He is also a proud supporter of the January 6th insurrection, and still is a Trump loyalist to this day.

This guy is in love with himself. Fortunately he’s small potatoes compared to the late Mr. Limbaugh. Patel apparently has a net worth 1-5 million, whereas, upon his death, Limbaugh’s estate was valued at 600 million. Frankly, both of them are a waste of human flesh as far as I’m concerned, but at least Patel is a less popular waste.

I’m not one to censor, ban, or burn books, but if one of Patel’s books showed up in my Little Free Library, I’d be sorely tempted. This man should come with a warning label. Children should not be exposed to his warped philosophies, even if grandma is the one who gives them the book. I wish Kash the Distinguished Discoverer would take himself back to the dark ages from whence he came, so that none of us would have to listen to the self-serving proclamations that sally forth from his pie hole.

I couldn’t resist giving this my official seal of disapproval.

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If you insist on reading Patel’s book, perhaps mine might serve as a positive after-outrage palate cleeanser. http://amzn.to/2mlPVh5


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5 thoughts on “Kash Out and Go Home”

  1. Aaaggghhh. Dagnabbit, why’d you have to go and ruin my breakfast?
    If someone could do a parody of that thing…
    Anyway, what I didn’t get around to saying about the Mystery Flesh Pit is that I very much identified with it. After looking at the setup designed to hold the thing open, I can totally sympathize with the Permian entity’s decision to strike back. That didn’t look the least bit comfortable, and I had flashbacks to clueless medical assistants who could have been a lot more gentle with that ear-looker-inner device, and who had hearing problems of their own when I complained. Of course everyone’s got medical horror stories. Thank whatever that I’ve got smarter ones around here nowadays.
    Still quite a story. Continuation[s] seem indicated. [And parodies?]

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