Creativity in Blue

The most popular color on earth.

At the time I wrote this, I was very, very sick. (Not to worry, though. This was quite a few weeks ago. I’m feeling much better now.) I was feeling so miserable at the time, though, that I was finding it hard to think on all but the most fundamental levels. This was not the time to work on my calculus.

I missed 7 days of work, and when I wasn’t feeling deeply sorry for myself, I was bored out of my mind. I hadn’t left the house in over a week. I couldn’t even catch up on my reading, because every time I read, I fell asleep. I slept a lot. And yet I had to come up with a blog post.

So here it is.


The most popular color on earth. It’s calming, relaxing, and symbolizes trust and loyalty. You can learn a whole lot more about it on this fascinating website that discusses the meaning of various colors.

When I’m sick or sad or at my wit’s end, I find that art comforts me. Unfortunately, sickness is not conducive to going to galleries. If I was to have any artistic comfort at all, in this case the mountain would have to come to Muhammad.

I’m so grateful to the internet for bringing the world to me when I can’t be out in the world. Even when sick as a dog, I still managed to get my art on. Without that I would have lost my mind.

Here is some of the art that was presented to me via friends on Pokemon Go during my illness. The common denominator is blue. It might not be the most important color in each piece. It may not even be working in the foreground. But it’s there. None of these images would be the same without blue.

So enjoy. Meanwhile, the me who wrote this weeks ago is going back to bed. I hope I dream in color.

The ultimate form of recycling: Buy my book, enjoy it, and then donate it to your local public library or your neighborhood little free library!


Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

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