My Dream House

As I look at one scummy rental house after another in my effort to relocate, I long to be a homeowner again. I don’t need much. Square footage is not a big issue for me. Perhaps due to my Danish roots, I’m much more into warm and cozy. I want the kind of house you like to wake up in on Christmas morning. Lots of wood throughout. Warm colors. A fireplace. A nice view of the mountains. A patio. A little yard for the dogs to pay in. My big splurge would be a luxury bathroom with a Jacuzzi, shower, two sinks, enough room for a love seat, and a bidet next to the toilet to confuse visitors. And for once in my life I’d like a kitchen with a dishwasher. And I know this is silly, but I won’t feel completely like an adult until I have a two story structure. I like to be up high. I can see this place in my mind. I’ve always seen it.

I know that by international standards I live quite well, but I still have dreams. Meanwhile I’m wading through mildew covered lime green plush carpeting circa 1969 and making sure I have cell phone service in the house before committing to a lease. Sigh.

home sweet home

12 thoughts on “My Dream House

  1. Carole Lewis

    I hope you get your dream home. And good for you on checking for cell phone coverage. We don’t have coverage for 13 miles in any direction. But there was no such thing when we bought the property and built everything we have from the ground up. Such a little sacrifice for the sheer pleasure in knowing This is Our Home. You will have your dream come true.

    1. And I learn from my mistakes. If I want to use my cell phone at my current place, I have to walk to the end of the driveway, rain or shine. And I’m right in the middle of a city with a population of 1 million people! Go figure…

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