I Heart October

Ah, the first brisk chill in the air that heralds the end of the oppressive heat of September! Oktoberfest. The riot of color that makes one fall in love with the trees all over again. Apple cider. The chance to break out a completely different part of my wardrobe. Corn mazes. The renewed energy of dogs. Fires in the fireplace. Change! October is my favorite month.

Too bad I live in Florida, where the only seasons are summer and January.

I keep trying to convince my northern friends to get about 50 autumn leaves of various shapes, sizes and colors, laminate them, and send them to me so that I can scatter them all over my living room carpet, but so far my powers of persuasion leave a great deal to be desired.

Having spent the first 10 years of my life in Connecticut, I must say that I miss autumn, winter and spring. I miss snowballs and icicles (that most strangely spelled of all words), I miss planting flower bulbs and watching them burst through that very last patch of snow, those first hints of color heralding new life and new possibilities.

Without seasons, it’s hard to gauge the passage of time. Without that death, hibernation and rebirth, how can you be reminded that life goes on? How can you keep the faith that things will get better?

I have been trying to move north for nearly 30 years, and something always gets in my way. So I am left to gaze longingly at photos like the one below.

Enjoy what you have.

autumn leaves

5 thoughts on “I Heart October

  1. Carole

    LOL.. This year due to all the rain, the leaves are falling three weeks ahead of time. The squirrels are doing double time gathering nuts to store for a (according to Farmer’s Almanac) a hard winter. TN had a very mild summer. Fall so far is amazing. But we’ve had to cover our man & woman made creek and net the pond to capture too many leaves from getting in the pond. Message me your address.Surprisingly, there is not much color yet. But as soon as it comes, I’ll send it your way.

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