What’s a Brother to Do?

Hi! Blue here. Mom needed a day off from this blog. And who can blame her, after what my little brother has put her through?

Last night she came home after a very stressful 12 hour shift to find an anonymous nastygram on the front porch. “Your dog has been barking for the past 2 ½ hours. If you can’t be a responsible pet owner, you should leave, because your barking dog is preventing 20 different houses from enjoying their homes.”

These notes are always anonymous, aren’t they? And grammatically incorrect, too. I mean, I’m a dog and I know that houses don’t enjoy anything. And if the person didn’t have the courage to identify himself, I’m quite certain he didn’t go from house to house taking a survey to see if everyone is on the same page. And believe me, my little bro isn’t the only barker in the ‘hood.

Regardless, the stupid little mutt needs to learn to shut his mouth. When Mom went outside, he was trapped in the neighbor’s yard. That’s why he was so hysterical. He had dragged his fat butt under the fence, and then couldn’t fit on his way back. I tried to tell him. But would he listen? Noooooo…

So in the pitch black, with a feeble flashlight, Mom had to find the hole and actually dig it even bigger to get the fool back home and quiet. And now she’s going to have to buy chicken wire, yet another expense she hadn’t counted on, and add it to the bottom edge of the entire fenceline after another long day at work.

And we had it so good, too. Mom had put in a dog door so we’d be able to come and go in the back yard. But now we’ll have to be closed in again, and that’s going to suck when she has a 12 hour shift. My brother and his wanderlust seem to always ruin it for both of us.

Mom, I really try to keep Devo under control. You found my collar in the neighbor’s yard while you were digging. That proves that I stuck my head under the fence and gave Devo a stern talking to. That’s my version of events, anyway. What’s a brother to do?

Oh, and by the way, the joke is on the nastygrammer. On the tenth, the new neighbors are moving in. We’ve met them, and they’ve told us they will have three, count ’em, THREE dogs! There goes the neighborhood!

Since I don’t get to write very often, I wanted to send a special shout out to my friends Mor, Caly, and Little A! Arf!


18 thoughts on “What’s a Brother to Do?

  1. They do find a way don’t they? Dogs are a pain sometimes, but such a joy so many others that it far outweighs the naughty. And who ever left that note is just being an ass. Ignore it. I wouldn’t let my dog Sam read this, not because it wasn’t good, he might get ideas LOL Good luck girl. Keep your chin up.

    1. Problem with ignoring it is they could call the dog pound and I might come home to an OFFICIAL letter, and possibly no dogs. Or if they complain to my landlord I could be evicted. But I will be happy when those other three dogs move next door. Then the focus might shift. I suspect Sam already knows what he needs to know. 🙂

      1. Well of course you can’t ignore it that way. I’m just thinking maybe someone had a bad day? lol

        Once the fence is fixed, which I had to do once and it is a pain, maybe that will help.

    1. I can definitely see both sides. But mine don’t bark a lot, a lot. Never when I’m home. Can’t say what goes on when I’m gone, of course. But this was a unique incident. He was really freaked out because he couldn’t get back home.

      1. He has always been an explorer, just like his travel loving mom! He made it back in there yesterday, and once again couldn’t get back. Little monster. The neighbors will be moving in soon, and I’ve talked to them about it. They’re dog lovers, thank goodness. Hopefully they can do some reinforcing on their side.

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