Topographical Introversion

I’m about as introverted as a person can be without curling into a little ball and crawling back inside my mother’s womb. I love to read. Most of the time I’m quite content to be by myself. And while I long for two or three friends in this new city of mine, if I had much more than that I’d probably feel stress.

I’ve also always been drawn to mountains. I feel a great deal of comfort when in a mountainous area. I think it’s because there are lots of nooks and crannies, coves and hollows, valleys and bends. Nature’s womb. It’s as if I’m being embraced by the land. You never hear things on the prairie being described as “cozy”. I love cozy. I feel somehow safer in the mountains. Mountains are the topographical version of introversion.

That makes me wonder if extreme extroverts prefer wide open spaces. But in a way that would be counterintuitive, because those places are typically lonely and isolated. Maybe they’d favor a big city that’s surrounded by wide open spaces. Dallas. Yeah. That might work.

Hey, it’s a theory.


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9 thoughts on “Topographical Introversion

  1. Carole Lewis

    This brings to mind, the late. great John Denver. whom performed be for millions to fill his creative needs, hen would escape to his beloved mountains and oceans, for peace.

  2. KerikM

    Topographical symbolism is never as simple as some folks treat it. A few hundred years back, people thought of mountains as disgusting/scary blemishes on a smooth world; then they were sublime viewpoints and havens of mystical thought. Now here is someone who finds them cozy. I find this variation delightful. What are your thoughts on caves?
    Me, I’m into fjords right now, because I’m one of those deep thinkers…

  3. I think Dallas is a city suited for extroverts – not because of the wide open spaces (the city itself has grown to the point where it sort of makes its own “mountains”) but because of the open friendliness of the Texas style. People from, say, east coast cities are sometimes a little taken aback by how total strangers will walk up to you and start talking like they have known you forever.

    Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.

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