How Did Women Pee in Hoop Skirts?

I have thoughts like this all the time. But I really want to know! It must have been a nightmare. I wish my mother were still around to ask. Not that she grew up in that era, of course, but one of our old family stories is that she was the maid of honor at her brother’s themed wedding, and had to wear a hoop skirt. When she went to sit down in the horse-drawn carriage to go to the church, her skirt flew up over her head, and the person sitting across from her had to slap it back down and hold it for the rest of the trip.

Hoop skirts, bustles, whalebone corsets, pantaloons, veils, gloves… I can’t even imagine putting up with such inconvenience. It’s just not in me. I can’t picture the women of today tolerating some sort of new fashion trend that was uncomfortable or hindered their movement. They would think this was insane.

The only antiquated custom of that sort that seems to refuse to die out is the high heel. I long for the day when that ridiculous tradition is a thing of the past. There’s nothing practical, comfortable, or healthy about it, and it slows you down. It holds you back. The only thing I can say about high heels is that they don’t make it harder to pee. But still, I will never wear a pair again.

Update: I just came across this nifty Youtube video that demonstrates exactly how women peed in hoop skirts! Very informative!




Author: The View from a Drawbridge

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11 thoughts on “How Did Women Pee in Hoop Skirts?”

  1. Hoop skirts are actually pretty flexible, so a woman would lift her skirts and crinoline and lower her self over a chamber pot. For this reason, a woman’s undergarments would include split-crotch drawers. Further “well fitting corsets” are rarely uncomfortable.

  2. I wish there had been an answer about using the privy because I’m very curious myself. However, I love high heels for dress wear, not every day, and hope they never go out of style.
    At least with heels, you certainly have a choice to wear them or not.

  3. Years ago, when I was in my twenties, I needed corrective surgery for a genetic condition on both my feet. The doctor warned me that I would never be able to jog again or wear high heeled shoes. That was such great news to me, I (almost) jumped for joy!

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