My Sister’s Apple Pie

My sister does not fancy herself to be a good cook. I couldn’t tell you, really, as I haven’t eaten many of her meals in years. But I will say this: she makes the best apple pie on the face of the earth.

I have no idea how she does it. It’s not like she has kept the recipe a secret from me. I’ve tried it, and I just can’t seem to replicate it despite all my efforts. It’s just not the same.

And now that we live on opposite sides of the country, I suspect that I may go years between pies. That’s tragic. But I can’t imagine apple pie would ship well, so it’s one of the many sacrifices I didn’t consider when I decided to relocate. If I had, I might still be on the East coast.

In retrospect, I think I know the one ingredient that I’m unable to add when trying to make my sister’s pie. My sister. She’s what makes it so delicious. I’m very lucky to have her in my world, even at a distance.

apple pie
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