There are many things about the city of Seattle that I absolutely love. One is that in spite of its overcrowded urban sprawl and nightmarish traffic, it really tries hard to accommodate the natural world whenever possible. The fortune that it spent on fish ladders so the salmon could transit the ship canal is a testament to that.

There is a constant tug o’ war between the needs of Man and the needs of the rest of the world. Seattle seems to be aware of this, and at least tries to make concessions for both. The current environmental situation may not be ideal, it may not be perfect, but the efforts count for much.

Recently, a pair of Peregrine Falcons decided to make their nest under one of our drawbridges. You can hear their harsh kak, kak, kaks whenever they feel that someone or something is threatening their abode. It is a delight to watch this pair from a distance as they take turns doing their parent-y things.

What these birds don’t know is that they’ve just prompted the postponement of several very expensive, well planned and all-too-necessary construction projects. No one wants to disturb these creatures in hopes that they will have a successful hatching. Essentially the city is being held hostage by two birds, and we’re all delighted.

Eventually spring will turn into summer, and the falcons will have fledged successfully (or not) and moved on, and the city will get back to paving and repairing and doing its construction-y things. But for a brief shining moment, it is taking the time to pause for the natural order of things. I like it when all is as it should be. Even cities should stop and smell the roses now and then.

This is a picture of the same pair from 2014.

9 thoughts on “Peregrine-Nation

  1. angiportus

    Here’s hope that they can get their stuff done soon so the city can get on with needed [and slightly more pigeon-free] work. Architects should include falcon-friendly spots on high.
    I read that a couple got married and as part of the ceremony released a flock of doves…but there was a falcon cruising around and…

  2. Like so many of your daily posts, I appreciate this one for how it makes me ponder and reflect.

    The other evening D and I started toward the gym but as we walked through the park at 5:30pm we were struck by the beauty of the sky and opted for a power walk about the neighborhood instead. And, that choice provided the opportunity to see the various ways people treat the trees in their yards. D pointed toward the fence of a backyard filled with tall evergreen firs that were at least three to five stories tall. The lower limbs the equivalent of two floors tall were chopped off to provide more light in the backyard we surmised. Nice for the home owners but stressful for the tree? And, did the homeowner or an arborist do the trimming? And what about the loss of photosynthesis with each eliminated branch? Trees are the air cleaners of the world.

    My concern/interest with how some (entities, orgs, institutions) disregard the earth and her creatures is a daily thought experiment. Doing my best to be thoughtful and co-exist with the little spiders in my apartment in Spring and the woodpecker who returns annually and makes efforts to drill a whole for a nest in the side of the building.

    And dear pine needles and pollen and leaves, I will do my best not to curse you for making my recently washed car (parked outdoors) look immediately unwashed. May we all always get along as we co-exist seasonally.

    So, I am smiling at the idea that the peregrine’s are given precedence for a while. 🙂

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