Set Your Alarms!

I recently wrote about my micro-fame experience. Well, it seems I’m still riding the crest of that wave! I’m going to be on NPR’s Morning Edition on Friday, April 15th! They’re doing a 3 minute excerpt of my StoryCorps interview to promote the upcoming book. It’s always been a dream of mine to be on National Public Radio.

Morning Edition comes on your local NPR station on the west coast at 5:20 am and again at 7:20 am. On the East coast it’s 6:20 am and 8:20 am. I don’t know at what point in the show my thing will come on, but eventually it will be on their website, and I’ll post a link to that below when the time comes.

This feels crazy! I’m so excited!

Update: They’ve already posted it on the StoryCorps website, so you can listen to it on-line here: also, you can listen to it on the NPR website, with a different written story below and their fancy intro to the recording here:




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