Okay. Just three words. Rompers for men.


Who in God’s name thinks that this is a good idea? I mean… come on. Some things are just  really, really ill-conceived. For example, I know darned well my miniskirt days are over. But I’m okay with that.

I’m sure several of my regular readers are going to argue that people should have a right to wear what they darned well please. I agree. And heaven knows I’m not exactly an arbiter of good taste. But sometimes you have to accept that what you wear sends a message.

As an adult male, I would not want to send the message that I’m really three years old and there ought to be a flap in the back of this get up so I have an easier time going number two. And anyone who has the slightest beer gut is going to walk around looking like one of those tomato pin cushions your mom had in her sewing kit.

All forms of infantilization drive me up a wall. I’ve discussed baby talkers before. I also think grown women in pig tails or with ribbons in their hair, or senior citizens who dress like pre-teens, are rather silly.

Even 75-year-old rock stars who haven’t figured out when to call it quits would not be caught dead in rompers. That’s just a guess, of course. But I think it’s a fairly safe one.


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3 thoughts on “Infantilization

  1. Angiportus

    The rompers shown sound a bit impractical for people who have bladders and bowels, but there’s a lot of impractical stuff around today in the world of fashion. As for “messages”, if folks would just loosen up some about what others are wearing, the messages and stigmas would evaporate in a while and we could fuss about something else. E.g. things once thought “infantile” or “feminine” or whatever would lose that association and just be…there, to choose or not by one’s own desires. Silly? Some things do seem so to me, notably the custom of wearing pants so low one’s hind end is hanging out. But I’m not the one that has to hold them up all the time, or figure out how to run in them if things turn bad.
    Ageism sucks, too. Both ways. If there’s anyone really has the right to wear whatever the hell they please, it’s the ones who’ve survived a few decades on this dirtball. Obsession with youth, “old” being bad…that needs to go; maybe then old folks wouldn’t be trying to look like kids. Or they’d have better reasons to wear pigtails and so on.
    We’ve all got 2 eyes that can shut and a neck that can turn; let’s use them instead of spending a whole lot of time carping about what someone else decided to wear.
    Sorry I didn’t get to this yesterday; my computer doesn’t like your reply-thing and I am using the one at the library.

    1. I knew I’d be hearing from you on this one. :D. But yeah, good insights. Especially the whole obsession with youth concept. When you are dressing like a kid, you’re also saying that you don’t feel good about what stage of life you are in, and that makes me very sad.

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