Do You Have a History of…

Packing for a move is always an interesting experience. It gives you an opportunity to really look at all of your stuff. I often encounter things I had forgotten I have. And that makes me wonder why I still have those things. If I could live without them for this long, why am I holding on to them? The pressure is even more intense since I’m moving to a much smaller place with very little storage.

With each item, I have to ask myself, will I ever read this, wear this or use this ever again? No? Then out it goes.

Some things have sentimental value. I do have a right to a certain amount of clutter after 52 years of living. At least that’s what I tell myself.

But the things I struggle with most are the “someday” things. For example, I’ve kept that bag of printed cloth because someday I want to make a quilt. And I’ve kept my pottery tools because someday I want to take up pottery again. And that box of cables, wires, and adapters… well, you never know when they’ll come in handy.

That’s when I have to get all adult-y and say to myself, “Barb, do you have a history of quilt making? Do you see yourself with immense amounts of spare time to all of a sudden take up new hobbies? Do you have enough of a burning need for cables that their storage would offset the expense if you ever had to buy one of these obscure items?”

Adult-y Barb has allowed me to donate a lot of things to Goodwill. But I only listen to her sporadically. If you saw some of the crap I have hauled across the continent just because… well… who knows why… you’d laugh.

I have no idea why this purging of the superfluous is such a struggle for me. I know for a fact that the less junk I have surrounding me, the better I feel. What I really need is a good flame thrower. But don’t tell my homeowner’s insurance agent that I said that. And don’t get any ideas, either.

I’m about to walk into my kitchen and get rid of every single gadget I haven’t used in the past year. Because, while I’d like to imagine myself as someone who will throw dinner parties… Not so much. Wish me luck.

Kindly ignore the superfluous L.

Read any good books lately? Try mine!

10 thoughts on “Do You Have a History of…

  1. Carole Lewis

    WAIT! Don’t throw out anything until after your housewarming. Seriously, the one thing you need will not be there.

    Come to think of it I won’t be there either. Now, I’m sad.

    My cure, is knowing your joy of having your Home where your Heart is and many years of feelings of pride, energy, safety, satisfaction & security. But most of all, the opportunity to make this house a real home that reflects all that you are… filled with love & beauty.


  2. Angiportus

    Same struggle going on here, and I don’t know when or even if I will move.
    Regarding a few days back, I agree that an extra E could be wedged into Wedgwood; just use your own best…judgment.

  3. The perks of living in a small apartment is that I have to think twice before I pick anything up I know I won’t use, and give away things that I haven’t missed in a while. Clothes included. But when I went back home for a short break, OMG! I’ve collected all sorts of rubbish for sentimentality, and cause they were adorable. I couldn’t stand the thought of spring cleaning, so I just came back without touching a thing. I wish we had goodwill in Thailand.

    1. I’m amazed there’s not some version of Goodwill there. It’s a great way of getting rid of stuff, and also a great way of buying used things at very reduced prices, and it also gives people much needed job training. A potential business for someone, perhaps?

      1. There’s a big use and throw attitude here because the expat life is transient. Things are cheap so you give it away when you leave or you chuck it, but there is no premises! A good idea to start.

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