The NASA Tank Top Debacle

Recently I shared this on my Facebook page because it delighted me.

Nasa Tanks

I love that someone is standing up for girls. I love that I’m not the only one in this world who wants girls to love science and dream just as big as their male counterparts. This small act just made me so happy.

And then came a shitstorm of epic proportions. This, from her blog:

“Every few years I manage to touch the 3rd rail of the internet and I am reminded how aggressively histrionic so many men can be toward women disrupting the status quo. Since this tweet I have been called repeatedly <offensive terms warning> “idiot”, “ass”, “whore”, “piece of shit”, “dick”, “moron”, “twat”, “bitch”, “crazy bitch”, “asshole”, “motherfucker”, “garbage”, “cancer”, “psychopath”, “faggot”, “dyke”, “dyke ass”, “cunt”, and “retard”. I’ve been told to “shut up” and “fuck off”. I was told I should be “punched in the head”, “raped”, “euthanized”, that I “needed a bullet to the brain”, and “should kill myself”. I was sent cartoons of Nazis kicking women on the ground. Because I moved 5 shirts. 25 feet.”

I don’t understand why men are so easily threatened. Don’t they have daughters? Sisters? Mothers? What causes them to go straight to name-calling mode in these situations? Do they think that’s a good look? If this is an attempt to appear superior, it backfires in a monumental way.

I get that they are feeling threatened and are therefore lashing out. Their sense of entitlement and privilege is being challenged from all sides these days. They’re not used to that. They’re the only group that has had the luxury of not being used to that.

But I’d like to respectfully point out that some of their fears are patently absurd. Are these men afraid that their chances of working at NASA would be threatened by this small act? Trust me, this reactionary type of man isn’t fit to scrub a NASA toilet, let alone compete with the big girls.

But the most terrifying, most sobering fact about this type of backlash is that, thanks to other white males for the most part, these irrational and threatened men have access to guns. And it’s becoming quite obvious that it isn’t the terrorists, it’s the disenfranchised white male who poses the biggest threat to our society.

But the days of appeasing these men are over. I’ll be moving tank tops every chance I get now. Believe that. Keep fighting the good fight, Katie Hinde!


Check this out, y’all. I wrote a book!

4 thoughts on “The NASA Tank Top Debacle

  1. lyn sutton

    In spite of their many privileges, still glad I’m not male. Yes, females have to fight to earn what freedoms we have but there’s a lot of support now. We’re not alone. Wouldn’t want the abuse a lone male receives from their own gender when they don’t meet their societal gender expectations.
    As a parent watching my sons and daughter struggle with both sides of gender bias it was easier to help my daughter assert her true desires than it was to help my sons. When she pursued sports no one questioned, and many encouraged it, but when my son didn’t want to participate I was asked what was wrong with him and advised to make him. There was also name calling, by adult males, that damaged his young psyche.
    We need to teach support of both genders equally in their pursuit of authentic identities. Maybe then men won’t be so quick to go on the offensive but will understand that as females are liberated that freedom extends to them also and they’ll find it easier to be the men they’re meant to be without fear.

  2. lyn sutton

    Try moving some of those pink sparkly “girls” tanks over to the boys section and watch the fireworks… 🙂

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