Black Dog Syndrome

For years now I’ve been hearing that black dogs, especially big ones, are far less likely to be adopted out of shelters than dogs of other colors. I’ve known several shelter employees and volunteers who swear this is true. It’s called Black Dog Syndrome, and several studies verify that it actually happens.

But just as many studies prove that it doesn’t. I hope it doesn’t. I hope our silly prejudices don’t extend even to the hair color of dogs. I must admit that of all the dogs I’ve owned in my lifetime, Quagmire has been the only black one. But I don’t think that’s due to any conscious effort on my part. It just seemed to work out that way.

But I will make this solemn vow: every dog I adopt from here on out will be one that is harder to place. Give us your three legged, your half blind, your greying muzzles, your black dogs yearning to breathe free! I will make my home the island of misfit dogs, two at a time, until I’m too old to care for myself or them.

Because we misfits need love, too.


A book about gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving!

6 thoughts on “Black Dog Syndrome

  1. Aw, you took yer Titus post down. Titus is awesome. I remember wanting to go to one of those shows, but that was way too far to drive.

    To keep things on topic, I believe the same is true with black cats. I don’t know why. My first cat, Van Dyke, was a black cat. He was great—the only one of our four cats who wasn’t completely neurotic in some way. If I ever have another cat after the one I have now, it will likely be a black cat.

    1. I read that about cats, too. It’s because people actually believe they’re bad luck. Crazy. I’ve seen a meme on Facebook of a yellow cat hugging a black cat, and it says, “Awww, you’re not bad luck! Don’t listen to them!”
      Titus? I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I haven’t taken any blogs down…

      1. I’m starting to think I must have been dreaming. I know it was on WordPress, it was the same bold type I see in your posts, and it referenced the shows he did at a casino (not Tulalip) north of Seattle. There was an anecdote about a brief conversation with Titus post-show while doing clean-up, which led to a decision to quit the casino for a new job. I almost commented, but couldn’t think of anything to say beyond “Titus is awesome.” Apparently, this is the kind of thing I dream about these days…

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