A Solution to Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering, or the deliberate manipulation of the shape of voter districts to ensure a particular political outcome, is one of the most common forms of corruption in the United States. This crime is perpetrated against the American people by both Republicans and Democrats. We all know it. It has to stop.

Here’s why it hasn’t. In every state in the union, either the Democrats or the Republicans are in power. And the party in power just loves Gerrymandering, because it’s a way for them to remain in power. The citizens of this country need to take that power back.

The people in the great state of North Carolina have been given a wake-up call. Their gerrymandered districts were deemed unconstitutional by a lower court. Unfortunately, it just got overturned by the supreme court. (Bias, anyone?) They need to make changes.

But they are hardly the only state with insanely shaped voting districts. Check out this district in Florida. It even stretches a tentacle right down the center of the St. Johns River, without touching dry land for miles, in order to exclude some people and include others. It helped an extremely corrupt Corrine Brown remain in the US House of Representatives from 1993 to 2017. She is now a convicted felon. Finally.


Here’s what has to happen: We need to create a law that requires all districts to be in the shape of squares or rectangles. They should be required to have only four 90 degree angles, with one exception: Allowances should be made for the uneven borders between states.

This would still allow for some manipulation. I suspect we’d see radical differences in square sizes, and some strangely long and skinny rectangles. But even so, the power to predict outcomes will be much more limited.

The thing is, until all the people, on both sides of the political spectrum, get together and agree on this one issue, there will be no justice for any of us. We need an organization to take this on as a pet project, and inform the people that they are being manipulated. It’s time to take back control so that our politicians represent the will of the people.

Let’s hear it for 90 degree angles!


Hey! Look what I wrote! http://amzn.to/2mlPVh5

7 thoughts on “A Solution to Gerrymandering

      1. lyn sutton

        Ditto on Escher… top of my list.

        Maybe if we give a 6 year old crayons and a ruler and have them draw the squares and rectangles? 🙂

  1. Linda Cooke

    This is my city council district. It includes a lake separated from the rest of the district by several miles (at upper left), for strategic political wrangling purposes. Due to the extended area covering both north and south Dallas, the economic and racial diversity of residents is mind-boggling. It is impossible for a single councilperson to adequately represent the best interests of all, and historically only the monied developers are heard. Still, this map looks pretty good by comparison to your Florida example!

    Click to access 2013_CouncilDistrict06E.pdf

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