Triple Point

Chemistry and thermodynamics are weak areas for me, I must admit. Recently a friend was talking to me about the Triple Point, which is something that I’d long since forgotten about. (That’s if I had ever heard about it in the first place. I had a Florida public school education, after all.)

According to Wikipedia, “the triple point of a substance is the temperature and pressure at which the three phases (gas, liquid, and solid) of that substance coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium.”

That’s really rather fascinating. It seems like that state shouldn’t be possible. It seems precarious. It seems like something that could easily fall apart. It also could be a very magical point in time.

So I started to think about other pivotal points in life where anything could happen.

  • That split second in time when you move from thinking something is a catastrophe to realizing that it’s actually a catalyst.

  • That moment when you’re walking down the street, arm and arm with your new boyfriend, and you unexpectedly run into your ex. Awkward.

  • When you try to do a good deed, like break up a fight that has nothing to do with you, and for your effort you get punched or bitten or knocked on your behind.

  • The shocking discovery that it’s possible to love someone and yet not like them. (Dysfunctional families, anyone?)

  • The point where you’re given an ultimatum, and you make the choice that the person was hoping to force you not to make. And you then discover that you’re much better off because of that choice. (Yay, you!)

  • That moment when you bite into something, expecting it to be savory, and it turns out to be sweet. Or vice versa. And that next moment when you go from being disgusted to being intrigued.

  • And perhaps my very favorite—that amazing moment when you realize you are in love, and everything in your world is about to change.

May you survive the many shifting sands of life, dear reader!

Triple Point

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