What Does God Think of Climate Change?

Always supposing you believe climate change is real (and I do), I have a thought experiment for you. If you believe in God, then what do you think God thinks about what we are doing to our planet? I mean, we’re taking this amazing gift, and we’re basically pooping all over it. My guess is she or it or he would be mighty disappointed in us. If I were God, I’d be totally rethinking this whole “free will” thing. Because we are definitely screwing things up.

Or maybe the old testament got it right, and what we have is a vengeful, fear-inducing God. If that’s the case, then climate change is some form of punishment, and we better start paying attention. The time for basking in our blissful ignorance is long past.

Here’s an even bigger thought experiment for you: Even if you don’t believe in God and/or climate change, please explain to me why it doesn’t make sense to live a green and clean life? What are the disadvantages?

If our actions just boil down to laziness, selfishness, greed and a basic resistance to change, then God doesn’t even need to be in this equation. We should all be disappointed in ourselves.

climate change

4 thoughts on “What Does God Think of Climate Change?

  1. Angiportus

    We are as gods, and we have majorly dropped the ball.
    First, overpopulation, making all the other problems worse, much, much worse.
    Second, the rule of leaders and corporations and so on that by setting up the world as it is, force us to do…
    Third, all the things we do that we didn’t learn better ways–depending on fossil fuel, not coming up with tastier meat-substitutes, etc., etc. etc.
    Fourth, you try getting a bike, buying the nice expensive organic vegie food and putting up solar panels and so on when it’s all you can do to keep a @#$%^& roof over your head. Poverty–getting rid of that ought to do something.
    Fifth, nature not making us smarter to begin with but almost as stupid as it is. Nature “Invented” rabies–did we wipe that out? No, we invented the Bomb.
    Of course, it could be that the earth has gotten tired of the biosphere it has had over the last half-billion years and wants to throw it out and try something entirely new, and has caused/let us evolve to make that happen.
    Me, I’m going to put in for reincarnation in a more civilized part of the cosmos.

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