Sensory Heritage

What’s not to love about the sounds and smells of the country?

I love being out in the country. Even the smell of cow dung makes me feel nostalgic for more rural times. Fresh country air. I love the sound of farm animals of every stripe. I love listening to people chop wood. I love hearing church bells echoing throughout a valley.

Apparently, though, some people still believe the world revolves around them. According to this article in Atlas Obscura (I just love them!) there is an increasing trend of city dwellers vacationing in the French countryside, and bringing frivolous lawsuits with them. It’s so absurd.

“Your rooster is waking me up at dawn! This has to stop!” “Can you not ring your church bells first thing in the morning, just while I’m here? Please?” “Your cattle are stinking up the countryside!”

For heaven’s sake, when did we become so fragile? If you’re in the country, you have to expect these things. You’re not going to have a McDonalds on every corner. Your wifi connection will be spotty, at best. Mice will happen.

So now there’s a new proposition making its way through the French National Assembly that will protect the sensory heritage of the French countryside. I hope it passes. Some lawsuits are idiotic, and those complaining of the sounds and smells of the country when you’re in the freakin’ country are idiotic beyond belief.

I like the idea of a sensory heritage. There’s nothing that can bring you back to a certain place or time more than a sound or a smell. I would hate for all places to become generic as we push on to overpopulate this planet. That would be a tragic loss.

In my opinion, everyone should be woken up by a rooster at least once in their lives. It builds character. It creates memories. And it’s something to contemplate whilst eating your eggs.

Rooster crow

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

3 thoughts on “Sensory Heritage”

  1. How do you complain about this ,yet quietly tolerate this ? If country sounds offend, maybe they should stay away. Their negative vibes are toxic to a countryside environment. They should stay home and enjoy the citified air and noise pollution they’ve helped create. What next? Turn down the ocean? It’s too loud. And ban the sand, it’s scratchy and messy. No! Ban the whiners from the countryside. They’re loud, annoying babies and stink up the ambiance. Don’t mess with our sensory heritage! 🙂 (Channeling a little French passion for the cause.)

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