What’s Your Internal Landscape?

How unique we all are!

We had an interesting speaker at a recent virtual church service. She asked us what we envisioned as our internal landscape, our inner place of peace. People had many fascinating responses.

  • A pond.

  • Mountain lake: cool, clear water, with Tall old groves of trees.

  • I would be an open sky FULL of stars!

  • The undergrowth- I am creating the path to the reality I hope for.

  • A still, clear lake.

  • A forest trail.

  • I’d be a tall craggy mountain covered with ice and frozen.

  • A nest in a tree of dense leaves

  • I would be a valley surrounded by mountains.

  • A high vista looking out to sea.

  • A mountain ridge.

  • An Andean hilltop village.

  • A tide flat.

  • A winding path leading up into the foothills.

  • Wide ocean beach.

  • A soft rolling wave

  • A beloved vegetable garden.

  • Pacific Ocean being rippled by the waves.

  • I’d be the subalpine meadows that surround Mount Rainier, covered in wildflowers.

  • Waterfalls singing.

  • A trail, exposed to hot sunlight and some shade here and there.

  • An island on the edge of the ocean.

  • A dark, mossy forest.

  • An old tree standing in a densely shaded wood.

  • I am the pathway up the mountain out of the darkness into the light.

  • A mountain stream… flowing to unknown places…

  • A sailboat on the Mediterranean.

What I loved about this exercise is that it revealed how unique we all are, while at the same time showing how connected we are to the earth. It reveals that we all have a place of inner peace within us, if only we can tap into it. I think that in these high stress times, we need these internal landscapes now more than ever.

So, dear reader, what’s your internal landscape?


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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Internal Landscape?”

  1. A library. Full of wonderful revelations not suspected anywhere else.
    Oh, you mean outside ones? A great big island, surrounded entirely by towering dark cliffs, with forests and mosaic-terrain highlands and lakes and swamps and mountains up there, and the routes up thru the cliffs are well hidden [and defended.]. A place where I’m safe.
    A little tiny beach, actually a point-bar, next to the narrowest, deepest part of a creek, accessed by a near-hidden scramble-path through the gallery-forest. I could probably still point it out to you if the adjacent land hadn’t been taken over by the expansion of a trailer park. Of the kids I knew, I was the one who discovered it.

  2. Floating outside the space station watching the earth slowly turn against the backdrop of an expanding universe. It’s all part of one vast, energetic to chaotic, cosmic landscape that appears so peaceful and serene from a distance. Guess my internal landscape figures in perspective.

  3. Something I noticed about everyone’s place of inner peace…we experience it alone. To share that inner peace with others we have to externalize it’s essence. Can you imagine what the Cheeto’s internal landscape looks like considering it’s externalized essence that he emits daily? A scene out of Dante’s Inferno maybe? He has committed all of the 7 deadly sins after all. Can’t wait to vote. 🙂

      1. Yes, I ran across one for this cause and suspect it isn’t legitimate, that’s why I turned to you. Guess I’ll keep searching.

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