Favorite Blog Posts

Some posts are head and shoulders above the rest. They’re the ones I’m most proud of, and they’re the reason I do this.

I used to be obsessed with the statistics for this blog. How many views was it getting from one day to the next? Which posts were people reading? What country where my readers from?

Now I barely take notice of that stuff. It is what it is. Life’s too short to turn my love of writing into a balance sheet, especially since I haven’t monetized it, so I’m not making a penny.

But I did have a peek just now, since we’re on the subject. It turns out that this will be my 3492nd blog post, give or take. I would never have guessed that I’d have stuck with it for this long, given my usual lack of follow through. (That lack is why you’ve yet to see a second book from me. Sorry.)

Writing has become easier with time. I’m glad I don’t have to use an old Underwood typewriter to express myself, that’s for sure. A quick glance at my various posts has shown me that my writing has greatly improved, but some posts are head and shoulders above the rest. They’re the ones I’m most proud of, and they’re the reason I do this.

So, without further ado, here are just a few of my favorite posts of all time. Let me know what you think, dear readers. After all, we’re in this together.

“Toughen Up” I find this one, written in 2013, really fascinating in retrospect. I was describing my life jumping off the rails and causing an autistic meltdown. I was explaining that these meltdowns were not tantrums long before I even knew I was autistic.

“Tell Him Chuck Sent You.” I was at my lowest point in 2014, but things were about to turn around. A message from beyond?

“It’s a Leaf.” In 2015, I was a lot less resigned to, and a lot more frustrated by, the paranoia in this country.

Amanda’s Awful Adventure From a visit to the Oregon Coast in 2016, this post describes the shocking treatment of indigenous locals.

An Open Letter to White Supremacists Even though I wrote this in 2017, I’m fairly certain that the people who most need to read it still haven’t.

“I Don’t Consider Myself a Feminist” It is hard to believe some women are still saying this. I wrote it in 2018.

The Physics of Friendship from 2019. A different perspective on estrangement.

The Great Unsaid In 2020 I wrote about the horrible reason that the Pacific Northwest is thriving.

A Natural Moment A post about a very unexpected encounter I had in 2021.

The Strange History of L’Inconnue de la Seine From 2022. She’s the most kissed woman in the world, yet she still remains a mystery.

The Unexpected Insights of a Newly Diagnosed Autistic Adult describes the journey of self-discovery that I began this year and will probably continue to navigate for the rest of my life.

Here’s hoping you’ll continue to visit my blog for years to come, dear reader! Thank you. You’re the best.

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I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

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